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Sun Dec 5 17:20:01 MST 1999

--- Louis Proyect <lnp3 at> escribió:

> Then, as the
> crisis in the former Soviet Union deepened, Boris seemed to
> have waken
> (woken? woke? waked?) up from his slumber. First off, he wrote

My first year English teacher was a bore, but I still remember I
learnt it was "woken". ;)

>  I like Boris. It is a good sign that he is evolving
> away from
> all that trendy bullshit of the 1980s. Now if we could only
> persuade some
> other good people to do so as well...

I assume Boris is just voicing out the deep movements that are
taking place within the fSU. Conditions of existence and forms
of consciousness. I suppose many will "do so as well", not
because they are "good" or "bad" people, but because the
realities will force them to walk back the road they took, or

If you are thinking of Western intellectuals, Louis, I believe
however that your desire has too much wishful thinking inside.
And yet, a crisis is looming. So that even then you may prove a
reasonable dreamer...

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky

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