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(Thomas Sankara was the Marxist leader of Burkina Faso, who was murdered in
a military coup after a four year reign on Oct. 15, 1987. These are the
concluding words of a speech he made to the UN General Assembly on Oct. 4,
1984 titled, "Freedom is Won Through Struggle")

Mr. President: I have traveled thousands of kilometers. I came here to ask
each one of you to unite in a common effort so that the arrogance of those
who are wrong may end, so that the sad spectacle of children dying of
hunger may vanish, so that ignorance may be wiped out, the legitimate
revolt of the people be victorious, and the noise of war finally fall silent.

Let us struggle with a single will for the survival of humanity. Let us
sing together with the great poet Novalis: "Soon the stars will revisit the
earth they left during the age of obscurity, the sun will lay down its
harsh specter and once again will become one star among many, all the races
of the world will come together anew, after a long separation, orphaned
families of yore will be reunited and each day will be a day of
reunification and renewed embraces; then the inhabitants of olden times
will return to the earth, in every tomb the extinguished cinders will be
rekindled and everywhere the flames of life will burn again, old dwelling
places will be rebuilt, the olden times will be born again and history will
be the dream of the present stretching to infinity." Homeland or death, we
will triumph! Thank you.

Louis Proyect
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