Inspiring Quotes (not necessarily by "Marxists")

Owen Jones owen.jones at
Fri Dec 10 01:41:52 MST 1999

> Also, there is one excellent quote which I don't fully remember, I think it
> was by a Latin American revolutionary but i may be way off "When I feed the
> poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call
> me a communist"

 This is a quote from a Brazilian priest - or somewhere in the Church -
whose name I do not recall, though perhaps one of our Latin American
comrades has a better idea. I know he was a dissident under the military
dictatorship, having leftist sympathies, and did more than most religious
men in saving communists and other leftists from being slaughtered by the
junta. He recently died, this year I believe. Not exactly a revolutionary,
no, but one cannot help but feel some respect for him.


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