School Vouchers

David Altman altman_d at
Fri Dec 10 06:38:46 MST 1999

> >>While the left will
>usually be right to oppose voucher plans and privatization, it cannot
>defend public schooling as it is actually organized. Distrust of markets
>should not lead the left to oppose choice of all kinds. <<
>This is truly DISGRACEFUL in a journal that purports to have some link to
>Marxism. Who is the so-called "public" that runs "public schooling"? The
>Bourgeoisie of course. And what are the aims of this bourgeois education
>working people and especially Blacks and Hispanics? To break their spirits,
>to teach them to be meek,  to regiment them and teach them to obey.
>"Distrust of markets." Bah, humbug. What about a little bit of distrust of
>the capitalist class, the capitalist schools, the capitalist state.
>Smash the racist state monopoly over the education of our children!


I hadn't seen your attached article before, but it's a pretty accurate
assessment of Milwaukee's "School Choice" program.  The author doesn't
mention that Annette Polly Williams, the Black Democratic legislator who was
instrumental in getting the School Choice law passed in 1990, has since
distanced herself from the program (although she still favors vouchers in
principle), precisely because of concerns about equity & fears the program
would be hijacked to benefit white yuppies.

It's telling that you don't respond to the author's main points but pick out
one small sentence to "demolish."

I think you're on shaky ground, Jose!

David Altman

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