Jamal Hannah jah at
Fri Dec 10 10:29:02 MST 1999

I still dont get it.. why does it matter even if there are more "marxists"
involved in social movments, when all these marxists belong to totaly
different marxist factions who's only simmilarities are that they call
themselves "marxist".

Even Marx said "I am not a Marxist".

Chomsky has said that naming your philosophy after someone is very close
to being religious.

I grab wehatever I like from Marx, and throw out the rest.  So do
anarchists.  If it makes you feel better, call them marxists.

I have tons of Marxist freinds.. I live in Cambridge, MA where every left
wing group is well-represented.  I think that Marxist-Leninists should be
open to criticism when you consider their total and utter failure in the
recent past.

I do not think that trying to "beat" the anarchists by stealing away young
people makes much sense. You should aim for quality, not quantity.

You need to figure out how to unify all marxist factions, diminish
authoritarianism, strengthen democracy, and escape from dogmatism.
That is the only way the left will win. It doesnt matter what we call
outseleves, though I think naming yourself after a specific persona causes

 - Jamal Hannah

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