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Gee Phil  -  and you pragmatic Marxists are always going on about Romantic
revolutionaries ;)

        Great stuff. Maybe Lou could make a compilation of all these for the web



At 02:41 PM 12/10/99 +1300, you wrote:
>Among Paul B's inspiring quotes was:
>>The great appear great to us only because we are on our knees -- let us
>This was credited to a newspaper called The Rebel.
>I don't know about this, but the above quote is familiar to me as being
>associated with the irish revolutionary leader James Connolly.  I thihk it
>was emblazoned on the cover of one of the newspapers he edited.  He, in
>turn, had not dreamed it up but taken it from a French revolutionary of the
>late 1700s, Desmoulins I think.
>A quote I like and used to use a lot for different things, mainly related
>to youth, comes from Bernadette Devlin and is from her autobiography 'The
>Price of My Soul', published around 1971 or 72 I think.  It is;
>"We were born into an unjust system; we are not prepared to grow old in it."
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