Congratulations to Gary McLennan!

Owen Jones owen.jones at
Fri Dec 10 01:41:04 MST 1999

> Louis: Gary just got his PhD. I wish him well on behalf of the
> list...
> George: What bourgeois sentimentality! Louis considers the
> acquisition of bourgeois
> academic degrees an achievement. Bourgeois degrees are now a
> hallmark of the successful
> revolutionary.

 I think George Pennefather is a very bourgeois name. I would also suggest
that this is further proved by the fact that George has access to a
computer, which makes him entirely bourgeois. And the use of such complex
words as 'sentimentality' and 'acquisition' suggest a bourgeois upbringing
and a bourgeois education...

 Truly, George, you give ultra-leftism a bad name. Or did this latest
outburst have something more to do with jealousy...?


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