Bounced # 3 from Nestor (on Tarkovsky)

João Paulo Monteiro jpmonteiro at
Sat Dec 11 11:55:32 MST 1999

Nestor wrote:

> What's more interesting yet, is that the original tale where
> _Stalker_ was inspired, was a prefiguration of --Mikhail
> Gorbachov!  It ends with a plump, friendly, good-humored
> illuminated bureaucrat finally granting "freedom and welfare to
> all". These were the effects -in the tale, shit I cannot
> remember the name- of the object the Stalker was looking for.

"Happiness for everybody! For free! All the happiness possible! Come

'Piknik na obotchine' (Picnic by the road), from the Strugatski brothers
(Arkadi and Boris).

João Paulo Monteiro

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