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Mon Dec 6 14:10:59 MST 1999

Pabloism has become an abusive epithet among Trotskyist circles but
there's little discussion of what Pabloism actually was. The USFI and
groups coming out of that tradition see it as an embarassing chapter and
prefer not to talk about it while groups coming out of the IC tradition
see it everywhere.

What *was* Pabloism exactly, beyond the caricature? Is there a
self-proclaimed Pabloist group in existence today? Was Pabloism a
capitulation to Stalinism or a reaction to cold war hysteria?

Also, as an aside, I'm wondering whether the Cochran-Braverman tendency
that left the SWP in the early 50s was Pabloist? Did they maintain
contact at all with the IS after the IS/IC split? If not, why not?
(Perhaps Sol can be helpful here?)



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