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Mon Dec 6 23:14:23 MST 1999

Paul Flewers wrote:
>There are two small groups in Germany that >claim to stand in the tradition
of the Communist >Party of Germany (Opposition)
>that was led by August Thalheimer and Heinrich >Brandler, and they
>publish Arbeiterstimme and Arbeiterpolitik.

   That mention of Thalheimer jogged my memory.
   Telos published his analysis of fascism in issue #40, back in 1980, along
with an introductory piece by Frank Adler entitled, "Thalheimer, Bonapartism
and Fascism."
    Also re:the posts on Lovestone. Go to the library and check out, "The
Right Opposition,"
by Robert J. Alexander, Greenwood Press. Alexander also has a huge book
entitled, "International Trotskyism," published by Duke University Press
around 1986 for around $125. Bolerium Books in San Francisco has a few
copies for $85.
                              Michael Pugliese

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