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Mon Dec 6 23:07:15 MST 1999

Dr. David Suzuki debated Rushton about ten years ago after Rushton's "theories"

first became prominant and effectively crushed him. I'm not sure if a
transcript of
the debate is available but you might try emailing the David Suzuki Foundation
Vancouver. Try emailing solutions at


seanno at writes:

I teach Introduction to Sociology at Kansas State University and in
response to my lectures on race and ethnicity have received an anaonymous
copy of *Race Evolution and Behavior* by J. Phillippe Rushton.  It is the
usual racist crap, so I would like to respond in lecture tommorow.

Can anybody point me towards information taking apart more recent
attempts to establish a racist biology and or dirt on Rushton in
particular.  I've got Gould's *Mismeasure of Man* and a few other articles
but any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Sean Noonan
seanno at

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