Provo leadership and rank and file

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Sun Dec 5 20:22:47 MST 1999

Hi George,

I have been deluded here with people asking me what will happen?  Do I
support the peace deal, etc? I agree and disagree with what you have
said.  The war has ended through the exhaustion of the people.  It is as
you say an acceptance of partition by the republicans.  Still the dialectic
never dies.  To have a Martin McGuinness as Minister for Education is also
a signal to the Orange Establishment that their time too is up.  I have
been thinking hard here about what Phillip has said on this. Perhaps we are
in a new era.  The struggle to unite Ulster on terms other than those
provided by the British may be impossible, but is it any less difficult
than the project of driving out the British by bombing Manchester?  I do
not agree of course with these polarities but that is what the choice had
come down to in the end.

comradely greetings


At 11:27  5/12/99 +0000, you wrote:
>Well finally the Provos have bit the bullet and gotten right into bed with
>imperialism and its more obvious domestic agents --the various forms of
>Some radical elements confine their attack to the leadership of the
>Provos. Yet there is
>hardly a mouse squeak from the ranks of Sinn Fein over this new
>development involving Sinn
>Fein in a new six county government the purpose of which is the
>perpetuation of the
>existence of the two state system in Ireland. If there is a distinction to
>be drawn
>between the "revolutionary" rank and file of the movement and "the
>reactionary" leadership
>then this surely would express itself in a form of organised rank and file
>opposition to
>the leadership.
>Warm regards
>George Pennefather
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