The problem with anti-capitalist demonstrations

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Dec 6 06:30:10 MST 1999

LM Magazine:
>For all of their talk about protecting the world's poor, many of the fin
>de siècle anti-capitalists' proposed measures of environmental
>protectionism would hit third world economies hardest. Whatever the
>intention, their approach ends up endorsing a new neo-colonial division
>between the moral West and the immoral rest - or, as the boss of the
>American Teamsters union put it, between 'good citizens of the world' such
>as the US, and 'these renegades' with their 'low standards'. Many who
>complain about the global domination of the WTO applauded NATO's air war
>against the 'renegade' Serbs.

This is the dialectical opposite of the Seattle protestors. LM magazine,
which is put out by a loosely organized group of ex-Marxists (the name used
to be Living Marxism), juxtaposes "development", "modernization" and
"progress" to the reactionary tendencies in some greens. Unfortunately,
since they have abandoned socialism there is little to distinguish their
call from the bourgeois alternative. It is programatically
indistinguishable from libertarian think-tanks like the Cato Institute, who
they have made common cause with.

In contradistinction to the idealist and utopian bioregionalists and the
unabashed champions of capitalist development, we socialists urge
nationalization of the means of production, a planned economy and
democratic control of decisions affecting the great mass of society
(sometimes known as the dictatorship of the proletariat.)

Louis Proyect

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