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Mon Dec 6 18:02:56 MST 1999

Yes, a SACPer proteted about the scuttling of the Seattle Summit as
something only beneffiting USA economic interest, and the Brazilian
Minister of Industry and Trade fumed against Clinton's remarks about
child labour in the Brazilian shoe industry as something that should be
retaliated by mean of trade sanctions. At the same time, the Brazilian
delegation wanted very much to rub shoulders with the USA in order to
score some point against the huge European agricultural subsisdies, and
therefore to open some markets to Brazilian agricultural commodities.
What we have here is exactly that global capitalist competition, being
by its own neture unorganized and unorganizing, has failed to coordinate
between various capitalist interests. That was a point already made by
Keynes before and during Bretton Woods: there must be something beyond
the market, in order to have a (slightly) organized - better a less
unorganized - market.

Carlos Rebello
> Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 08:39:53 -0500
> From: ilagardien at worldbank.org
> Subject: WTO
> I am cross posting this from another list... (without the name of the person who
> initiated it)... Although I have some strong views on the WTO/Seattle... would
> be interested to know what people make of this:
> The South African delegation (which included labour) did raise some
> interesting issues at the WTO. But what caught my attention the most were
> the comments of Trade and Industry Minister Alec Erwin. Erwin, a former
> trade unionist and still a member of the South African Communist Party,
> said that the protestors were acting in the interests of the US government,
> more or less hinting that they were provocateurs put their by Clinton to
> make sure the developing countries weren't able to achieve their aims at
> the Summit.
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