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To list members

Below is an e-mail I sent to Alan Wald about an odd book on the Fourth
International by a very strange bloke. Can anyone help out?

Paul F


Date: Wed, 08 Dec 1999 11:30:15 -0800
From: Paul Flewers <paul.flewers at virgin.net>
Subject: A Certain Mr Woolley

Hello Alan

I was round Al Richardson's house yesterday, and he showed me a strange
book -- Adherents of Permanent Revolution -- by Barry Lee Woolley. Have
you seen it?

My own impression is that he is someone who was in the Trotskyist
movement up to the mid-1970s, was writing a history of the Fourth
International, then dropped out, became a nut-house born-again
Christian, and recently decided to return to his studies from his new
outlook. The main text of the book stops in the early 1970s, and he
merely adds footnotes on things since then. He must have been seen as a
serious researcher in the 1970s, as he was in contact with two (now
deceased) British Trotskyists, Sam Levy and Sam Bornstein, who didn't
look kindly on cranks. Woolley says he was in the US SWP for some time,
then was in contact with the Spartacist League and the Workers League.

He is definitely a bit of a crank. There are lots of references to
'sodomites' for both gay men and lesbians, and Natalia Sedova is
consistently referred to as Trotsky's 'mistress'.

The publisher -- University Press of America -- is unknown to us here,
although it has an Oxford address as well as Lanham and New York. The
production standard of the book is nowhere near my standards, let alone
those of a proper US uni press, crude page layout, lots of literals,
poor punctuation, etc, so I don't think it is a mainstream publisher.

Do you have information on this bloke?

Many thanks

Paul Flewers


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