Anarchism: More Popular than Marxism?

Borba100 at Borba100 at
Wed Dec 8 20:13:33 MST 1999

Personally, I think anarchism is bankrupt.  Personal posturing, (lots of
bravado, masks, say no and make it so, that kind of childishness)
theoretically ludicrous (no way of getting from here to anywhere) and in
practice, as we saw in Seattle: plays right into police hands by acting out a
caricature.  The WORST thing to do in Seattle was to break windows.  End
private property, one pane at a time.  Right.

The anarchists in Setattle, by all accounts, were not a positive force; to
the extent that they were not policemen pretending, that is, to the extent
that they were "real" anarachists, they played into the cops' hands.  The
kids who were arrested were not these; they were the very disciplined,
non-violent types, reminiscent of the civil rights kids from the 60s.  Check
out the emperors-clothes interview with one of them - CONSCIENCE OF THE KING

Jared Israel

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