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   Your'e right that the man that Lenin called in his, "Final Testament,"
(the one that berated Stalin for his bad manners towards Krupskaya...)
the, "...favorite of the party.." is absent in lefty lit
here in the U.S.
    Are you aware of the following books: the Stephen Cohen one from the
70's(???)(Cohen also has a good short examination of the Sovietological
productions of the think tankers
at Rand, etc. in his, "Rethinking the Soviet Experience." (BTW, isn't he
married to Katrina vanden Heuvel, the editor of the Nation?- Katha Pollitt,
of the Nation, is married to Paul Mattick, Jr. Dinner parties must be
    Also, the autobiography of Bukharin's widow, entitled I think, "Now we
must remember," (???)
and the novel that Bukharin wrote in the period leading to his "premature
death" was published last year.
    Finally, a Pluto Press book called, "The Case of Bukarin, " by Donny
    Sorry the cites are kinda sloppy, gotta run to work, and get more
surplus value sucked outta
these bones...
                                       Michael Pugliese

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>     Realizing that American communists have been polarized along the
> Trotsky-Stalin dichotomy, I noted a paper, which I have not got in front
> me now, in which the argument was made that Stalin put all of the
> Bukharinists in the pokey until after the war when he actually needed them
> to run the country.  This interpretation held, as I understand it, that
> Bukharin represented a sort of pragmatic approach which wound up as the
> stream after the mid fifties.
>     Have been looking at some of the Bukharin materials for other reasons.
> Seems like a bright guy.
>     Why is he so notably absent in American leftish literature?  A web
> search turns up very little. If he is so influential what's the deal?

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