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Alan Bradley alanb at
Sat Dec 11 05:57:37 MST 1999

From: Gary MacLennan
> My take on this is slightly different from Alan's and that will surprise
> no one. I have no doubt that the DSP's work with Resistance has at times
> been spectacularly successful and perhaps it has eliminated the
> competition from the anarchists.  But I stay with the basic analysis that
> anarchists are the radical petty bourgeoisie and the PB depend on a
> strong movement among the working class for them to  be radical.

I don't think I have any strong differences with Gary here.  I will
reemphasise that the weakness of Anarchism in Australia is primarily due to
objective factors, but that a determined and assertive Marxist left, even
one subject to similar "objective factors" to those facing the anarchists,
that is, a politically weak working class, can cut back the space in which
the anarchists can operate.

Politics abhors a vacuum.  If Marxists fail to provide a satisfactory left
political leadership for the working class, and, specifically in this
instance working class youth, radical, (or even reactionary), PB forces
will provide one for them, and the working class will pay the price.

The other side of that is, that the anarchists have no answer to social
democratic and other liberal opportunists, and will almost invariably end
up as a lunatic fringe on an essentially pro-capitalist political movement.

We need to organise.  That is really all I want to say.

Alan Bradley
alanb at

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