Michael Hoover hoov at
Sat Dec 11 06:21:39 MST 1999

> Jamal Hannah wrote:
> > Even Marx said "I am not a Marxist".
> Yeah -- he said it in a rather special context: some French anarchists
> were calling themselves Marxists, and Marx commented, in effect,
> if those dodoes are marxists, then I'm not.
> Carrol

Ah, come on, Carrol, above is 'conventional wisdom', few know context
in which M made comment, fewer know means by which comment became
public, but many have heard/read reference via third and fourth
generation marxists, anti-marxists, post-marxists, pre-marxists,
ex-marxists, pseudo-marxists, proto-marxists, groucho marxists,
marxoids, marxisants, marxologists, marxicologists...

btw: I remain amazed how folks allow intervention by obstructionists
(be it individuals or one of sundry alphabet soup groupuscles) to
temporarily hijack e-lists.  Names change, ideological spins change,
but red oranges (apples, bananas, peaches, etc.) come and go...

keep the x in xmas, Michael Hoover

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