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>You know Carrol specializes in negative dialectics on e-lists.  Gives me a
>great deal of frission!  Not this, not that.  Despite his age, Carrol got
>the spirit of youthful revolt and permanent revolution!  Beats Adorno any

I'm just trying to get him to become more of a "New Age" mellowed-out,
evolved male like me or Jim Craven...

Louis Proyect

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Hi Louis,

According to the administrators at my college I am not very "mello"--"New
Age" maybe. And yes, some of these "New Age" anarchists, so in love with
their own rhetoric--along with themselves--do indeed sound sooo old. Some
have not been around long enough--or read enough--to know that this stuff
and these debates are anything but new; it all goes back before before Emma
Goldman, Kropotkin et al. What is true is often not new and what is "new" is
often not true.

You know the old definition of a "fanatic"--can't change his/her mind and
won't change the subject.

BTW, I told my daughter that since we didn't get to watch the Iron Giant, I
bought her a copy and we'll watch it for the first time together this
weekend; I told her it was recommended by my friend Louis and she asked
"Does he like good movies?" I said of course. Then I told her the price for
my watching the Iron Giant with her is she has to watch "Burn" with me. She
said it sounds like some kind of trick.

take care old friend,


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