Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Thu Dec 9 03:39:46 MST 1999

Jared wrote:
>1) Does news = revolution?  Does BAD news = revolution?  Obviously the NEWS
>agenda of the elite was to discredit the protesters by smearing them as
>mindless rioters WHO DESERVED PUNISHMENT.  Hence the media showed 1) rock
>throwers followed by  rock throwers (actually NOT the rock throwers) being
>2) Now WHY was this the program of the elite?  It was aimed at making sure
>the WORKING PEOPLE were hostile to the demonstrators - because the natural
>tendency of working people is to side with those challenging corporate power.
>But working people do not and never will sympathize with terrorism.  That's
>why the powers that be instigate it always - anyway, throughout our century.

Jared, what do you think of the following comment that appeared on another
e-list (LBO-talk, to be specific), concerning the anti-NATO protesters?

>This is something that has been bothering me for quite some
>time now.  "Outing" someone as a racist in public
>discourse, time and time again, has often lead to the
>literal destruction of their lives (public and private).
>I'm certainly not in favour of letting people off the hook
>for saying offensive things... but we need to be careful
>with what we say and how we approach this.  There is a
>certain lack of compassion that I've experienced in recent
>protests.  When people start chanting "kill the rich!" or
>start looking lingeringly on rocks to throw... I start
>getting nervous.  When Serbia was being bombed, the first
>week of protests here in Toronto began with fire bombs
>hitting the US embassy - causing injury to people on both
>sides of the fence, police officers and protestors.
>Lifewise when some student protestors, in another instance,
>started "moshing" against police riot shields.

Some destruction of property took place in China and elsewhere as well when
anti-NATO protesters attacked the U.S. embassies.  Was it all the work of
anarchists, or worse yet, nefarious agent provocateurs?  What of those who
rioted -- looters & destroyers of property -- after the not-guilty verdict
of the four cops who beat up Rodney King?

While Jamal Hannah's argument is silly, I think you are bending the stick
in the opposite direction too much.


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