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Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky gorojovsky at
Sat Dec 11 16:41:46 MST 1999

As many on this list know, I am co-moderator of the L-I list
together with Mark Jones. I have also warmly given a welcome to
the group of Ethiopian comrades headed by Gheb. I have paid
attention to their comments on the situation in Ethiopia, and
have humbly kept silent as a pupil at what seemed to be -IMHO-
youthful bursts of alacrity in dismissing political movements and
leaders that from afar looked less terrible than Gheb and group
tried to explain. I have also supposed it was due to
mismanagement of English by this group that some things they said
sounded so rash and primitive to my ear. I wanted to wait for
them to explain themselves fuller, before I would even dare say a
single word of criticism. Who on Earth is this Argentinian to say
anything on a group of Ethiopians who seem to be trying to catch
up with Marxism, be it in Ethiopia or outside Ethiopia that they
are doing this?

It is also my policy, as a member of this list, not to consider
myself a pundit on Marxist policies in countries so different to
Argentina, save perhaps for some general remarks on Latin
American countries.

But I cannot let the last posting by Gheb pass unnoticed. Gheb
and the group have committed what I honestly consider (a) a
breach of confidence, and (b) a sectarian mistake.

The breach of confidence is to have publicly vented a private
mail sent by my co-moderator Mark, where he comradely tried to
convince them back into L-I, a list which can be subject to many
criticisms but not to the criticism of lack of seriousness. If
anything, I find it excessively serious. From a certain point of
view we may be criticized as "narrow minded" (a point of view I
obviously do not share). But we are  EXTREMELY SERIOUS.

And the sectarian mistake is to believe that, because they are
living in a Third World country (I assume Gheb and his friends
write FROM Ethiopia), they can raise this fact of life as a kind
of alibi for their ignorance. I live in a Third World country
myself, many people on both Marxism and L-I lists share this fate
 (on L-I two out of three list members), and no one of us raises
the difficulties here to ask for some kind of gentle treat when
we commit blunders. Erudition, in these matters, is not a virtue,
it is a necessity. If a Marxist lives in hard conditions that
make it difficult to be up to date or to be fully learned, this
is not a reason why we should be excused in our mistakes. And,
obviously, it is not to be shown as a kind of virtue. It is NOT a
virtue. We must overcome our particular situations, and that is

I am beginning to think that Gheb and his friends are sick of a
common disease, a usual disease in Marxist media, which is not
less a disease because it takes place in Ethiopia, in the USA, in
Brazil or Greenland: infantilism and disrespect.

Co-moderator of the Leninist-International list.

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