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Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at
Sun Dec 12 14:00:21 MST 1999

Gary McLennan wrote in MD #1609:

"For me the 50s meant Catholic reaction and sexual repression, Rosary
Crusades led by the Cold War warrior Father Peyton..."

Now this must be the same Father Peyton who travelled extensively Brazil
during 1963-1964, organizing massive  petty-bourgeois rallies for
"praying the Rosary in the family" that eventually grew into the
infamous "Marches of the Family with God for Liberty" that set the stage
for the direct intervention of the Gorillas against the recicalization
of the political climate around the Goulart government, in what came to
be the April's Fools 1964 coup in Brazil.

Strange to note that the Bourgeoisie, during the 50s, in *both* the 1st.
and 3rd. world, made a lot of *economic* concessions to the middle and
working-class, mostly in the form of Welafare State Keynesian spending
(I remember Keynes writing that he was disposed to grant all kinds of
economic benefits to the working-class, but that actual class war would
find him on the side of the educated bourgeoisie) in exchange for an
*ideological* backlash that made things to get back behind the level of
ideological radicalization (in sexual morals, feeelings about religion,
etc.)already achieved just after WWI. Strangely enough, the
post-Auschwitz, post WWII ideological climate in the bourgeois
democracies -and in many parts, perhaps, of the 3rd. World, Brazil
included - came to be much more moderate than that of the 20s. When that
ideological consensus flagged in the late 60s and early 70s, the
bourgeois backlash, quite unexpectedly, extended to the realms of
economics and politics.

Carlos Rebello

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