Anarchism; more popular than marxism?

Jamal Hannah jah at
Thu Dec 9 11:48:50 MST 1999

On Thu, 9 Dec 1999, Louis Proyect wrote:

> >In short, the new 'anarchist' movement is more popular than Marxism - i.e it
> >has a more active base of support within certain imperialist powers -  but
> >only by virtue of it being 'last man standing'.  It's come out of the 80s
> >and 90s in better shape than rival political traditions (needless to say it
> >has little to do with Bakunin et al at present).  As Phil Ferguson and
> >others have suggested, what looks like a popular movement is closer to a
> >youth subculture, made up of drop-outs who need to grow up.
> >
> >Graham Barnfield
> This is comparing apples and oranges. Marxism is actually in better shape
> than the *organized* anarchist ideological current.

But youre looking at it wrong. Which "Marxism" are you talking about? Your
organization? The ISO? The SWP? The RCP? The marxist groups are like
separate universes.. whereas the anarchist groups all work together in a
non-sectarian way.  One marxist group might as well be the total opposite
of another.  The anarchist movement is stronger than any single marxist
group, in America.

As for the IWW, it is not an anarchist organization.. it is revolutionary
unionist, and marxists are welcome in it.

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