Anarchism vs. Marxism-Leninism

Jamal Hannah jah at
Thu Dec 9 11:58:34 MST 1999

On Thu, 9 Dec 1999, Louis Proyect wrote:

> >Statism and authoritarianism ruined the revolution. It made communism
> >equivilent to the most vile of evils. Remember that the USSR killed more
> >people.. even it's own people... than Hitler ever did. China has
> >done unimaginable horrors to it's own people too, as well as enslaving
> >Tibet.
> This list is not a general leftist list. It is a Marxist list. Because
> there are issues of immediate concern about the role of anarchists in
> Seattle, it might be beneficial to have a real anarchist on hand to defend
> that point of view. I don't plan, however, on letting this discussion go on
> too much longer. I know Jamal from his previous interventions on Marxism
> lists and know from experience that discussion with him leads nowhere. This
> discussion that we Marxists are having here is about how to understand and
> deal with the anarchist movement. It was not and is not intended to be a
> free-for-all on the merits of Marxism versus anarchism. Since it has
> already started, I will allow it go on until saturday morning. Then it ends.
> Louis Proyect

I must say, it seems rather eerie to see that, once this dirty-laundry
about the USSR and China is mentioned, the list administrator declairs
that the discussion must end, without even addressing the issue.

As for knowing me from previously being on marxism lists.. when was this?
This is the first time I've been on a marxist list in years, and the last
time I was on one I was discussing a libertarian marxist position with
MIM, and criticizingg Ayn Rand.

Please dont make up some story about how I have a history of "bad"
behavior or some such. It isnt true.

Anyway, do you really expect the "marxist movement" to grow if you wont
address the most important issues associated with it in the public mind?

Also, no matter how much groups like the ISO grow, they always wane
because people burn out quickly. What do you say about that?

Support for marxism comes and goes, just as support for anarchism.. but
now, marxism no longer has the USSR acting like a huge billboard
advertizement, so it is in crisis. Also, all those "marxists" who are
"leading" the gay rights, labor, etc movement have simply been doign the
work of liberal democrats.. making the system nice, but not changing it.
Making capitalism appear more liberal and tolerable.

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