Anarchism vs. Marxism-Leninism

Jamal Hannah jah at
Thu Dec 9 12:42:05 MST 1999

On Thu, 9 Dec 1999, Charles Brown wrote:

> >>> Jamal Hannah <jah at> 12/09/99 01:03PM
> Good god.. are you insane?  Are you aware of the mass-murder and human
> suffering of working-class people and ardent revolutionaries that Trotsky
> and Lenin were responsible for?  At Kronstat they murdered members of
> their own Communist Party who disagreed with them, and many soldiers
> were switching sides.. no, not to the white army, but to the side
> of the Kronstat rebels. And then there was the Ukraine, where Lenin showed
> his trechery against Makhno, who helped the Bolsheviks fight the whites.
> How can you support a man (Lenin) who said such things as "Socialism is
> nothing more than state-capitalism."  The Russian revolution was a real
> revolution, at first.. but it was destroyed by Communist Party.
> The USSR was a horrible place to live.  Human will was crushed.
> You dont need to read capitalist propaganda to know this, but the
> testimonies of real people who were there, in Russia, while it was all
> happening.  A persons zeal to fight capitalism must not justify any act of
> terror.  The people would have been better off if the Bolsheviks never
> came to power in Russia and China and they had become social democracies.
> ((((((((((((((
> Charles: From the above, one can conclude that we on this list know more about Lenin
>and Trotsky than you do.  The above is petit bourgeois redbaiting. You do it
>gleefully and boldly seemingly knowing that you are confronting people. It is sort of
>name calling that you are doing. So, lets call your statement a name: false.
> Anarchist crimes of omission ( i.e. they haven't accomplished hardly anything) are
>far worse than Communist crimes of commission.
> CB

I think mistaking Criticism for "redbaiting" is what keeps
marxist-leninists from corrective grave mistakes they have made.

If anarchists never accomplished "hardly anything", why did Communists
try to take over the Haymarket Martyr and Sacco & Vanzetti defense
campaigns?  Those people were anarchists, you know.

 - Jamal

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