Seattle: The view from London

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Thu Dec 9 12:17:43 MST 1999

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Response (Jim Craven)

When I was in Seattle, I had working press credentials as a result of being
an Editor of a bilingual (English and Korean) monthly magazine. My
credentials were the same, in terms of access, as anyone from Newsweek or
Time or of and of the other media. As a result of that, as was my intention,
I circulated among the press--print and tv--to check on what their focus
was. Suffice to say that from some of the conversations I had with members
of the press, no one needed to give them marching orders as to what to cover
and not cover in the same way that economists working for bourgeois
institutions and academics in academia rarely need to be given explicit
orders as to what is taboo and what is permissible, what is acceptable and
what is heresy etc.


Charles: Yes, Michael Parenti's _Inventing Reality_ describes this training and
discipline among reporters and rank and file workers , and hands off management in the
monopoly media.


Bottom line: I certainly wouldn't be reading "Der Sturmer" or the
"Volkischer Beobachter" for an understanding of
Jewish/Roma/Gay/Trade-Unionist/Soviet/Slavic/Communist histories, issues or
perspectives and the likes of the New York Times and CNN are barely any
better IMHO.


Charles: Yea, one has to be really disciplined in reading these. It is analogous to
handling toxic waste. You sort of have wear a mental space suit for protection from
the lying on many levels.


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