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This is the one union that decided to hell with Sweeney and co, and
joined the "violent" hippie rally...

> >Speech (Partial)
> >by Brian McWilliams,
> >International President ILWU
> >At AFL-CIO Rally in Seattle November 30, 1999
> >
> >
> >The ILWU is demonstrating to corporate CEO's and their agents
> >here in Seattle, that the global economy will not run without
> >the consent of the workers. And we don't just mean longshore
> >workers, but workers everywhere in this country, and around the
> >world.
> >
> >When the ILWU boycotted cargo from El Salvador, and apartheid
> >South Africa, when we would not work scab grapes from the California
> >valley, or cross picket lines in support of the fired Liverpool
> >dockers, these were concrete expressions of our understanding
> >that the interests of working people transcend national and local
> >boundaries.
> >
> >The creed of solidarity remains that when necessary, we will
> >engage in concrete action. that is why the ILWU is here today,
> >with all of you, to tell the agents of global capital, that we,
> >the workers, those who care about social justice, and protecting
> >our rights and our planet, will not sit quietly by while they
> >meet behind closed doors to carve up our world.
> >
> >Whenever they find this week that they want to pit workers from
> >one country against the workers of another, to erase all of our
> >protections and standards in an international corporate feeding
> >frenzy in which workers are not just on the menu, we're the main
> >course - we will not cooperate.
> >
> >We're for trade. We're for fair trade. Don't ever forget it.
> >It's the labor of working people that produces all the wealth.
> >When we say that we demand fair trade policies, we mean we demand
> >a world in which trade brings dignity and fair treatment for
> >all workers, and whose benefit is shared equally and fairly.
> >A world in which the interconnectedness of trade promotes peace,
> >and ensures a healthy and environmentally sustainable development.
> >
> >We will not be in control of our world without a fight. Are you
> >ready for the fight? Are you all ready for the fight?...
> >
> >-----

Macdonald Stainsby

check the "ten point platform" of Tao at: http://new.tao.ca

"We believe that socialism is the fairest system and we
are devoting our lives to it, but we have to demonstrate its
viability. It has always been a complex process, even though we
thought it would be easy. We have lived under pressure from the
start, and more so today, but we are not going to give up. That would
be crazy."
-Raul Castro, General of the Cuban Army, 1999.

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