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Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sat Dec 11 13:25:45 MST 1999

>There's every reason to beleive that marxism is the radical petty
>bourgeoisie.  Marxism appeals to white, middle-class intellectuals in
>colleges.  I do not see poor, working class people involved in marxist
>movements.  It just aint happening. Marxism also appeals to the petty
>bourgeoisie because it promises that people can be "leaders" over other
>human beings, just like you have bosses over workers, landlords over
>The reality is that the entire left, no matter what you call them, is
>detached from the working class, in no small part do to changes in history
>that theory and action have not kept up to, as well as actions by the
>authorities to keep workers and radical theories separated.
>So are we going to end this or do you want to keep going?
>  - Jamal
Hi Jamal,

thank you for the reply. In my library there are over a hundred pamphlets
put out by the Communist Party of Australia. They are just a small part of
the thousands the CPA produced in its hey day. They were owned and reading
by workers. Wharfies, builders' labourers etc.

Now that is not to deny the current class structure of the Marxist Left.
But the fact remains that under the impact of the Great Depression a
section of the working class here in Australia broke with the dialectics of
reconciliation and engaged with the dialectics of
emancipation.  Unfortunately these were mediated through a classic
Zinoviest formation, the CPA.

It may be true that the middle class is that it is always to the left or
the right of the working class. It also may be true that the middle class
have fantasies about leading the workers. Nevertheless I do not think that
Marxism is the natural home of the middle class.  Libertarianism, left
liberalism, libertenism have all got greater attractions.

However the basic point of my post was that the working class were
depoliticised during the Cold War & Long Boom.  However it is a serious
error to believe that this is somehow their natural state.

comradely regards


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