Replying to Nestor and Jose

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sun Dec 12 03:18:30 MST 1999

I am flattered that my schematic post attracted the attention of such
redoubtable comrades as Carroll, Jose and Nestor.   Carroll's point about
social class was very hard to deal with.  and maybe in the New Year we will
have another go.  Nestor and Jose pointed out that my schema is overly
Euro-centric. Again I agree.  That is a persistent fault of mine and one
that needs pointing out.

Some time ago I read a piece my Aijaz Ahmed and was astonished at his
opinion that the 50s was a radical decade.  For me the 50s meant Catholic
reaction and sexual repression, Rosary Crusades led by the Cold War warrior
Father Peyton, and at home the defeat of the IRA (yet again!) and the heavy
hand of the Protestant ascendancy.  However for Ahmed the 50s was Cuba,
Algeria and Vietnam.

However, despite my Eurocentrism, I still feel that if one thinks in terms
of the First World then my post at least begins to address the persistent
problem - the failure of the First World to build socialism. Moreover let
me say that the deviations and compromises and mistakes of the Third World
socialists would have been less serious if the working class of the First
World had not been bought off with the car, the home and the job.



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