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>Subject: [LA-AMN] 2000 Democratic CONvention
>>Here comes the 2000 CONvention... barreling down upon us like a Police
>>Armored Personnel Carrier. Don't delay... reserve your space in the
>>officially sanctioned and police monitored "protest area" today! Wouldn't
>>want to be kept off the list of those citizens allowed to exercise their
>>"rights", now would we?
>>December 10, 1999
>>Police Prepare for 2000 Convention
>>LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Police took notes on the chaos that reigned in Seattle
>>during the World Trade Organization's meeting and will put the lessons to
>>use when the Democrats come to town next year, officials said Friday.
>>"Seattle was a wake-up call for us," police Cmdr. David Kalish said after
>>convention officials took about 320 media representatives on a tour of the
>>Democratic National Committee's convention site for August 2000. Another
>>70 had toured the site Thursday. The tour was a routine event designed to
>>familiarize media with the facilities and answer questions about technical
>>matters, security and logistics. It came on the heels of reports about
>>disorganization among the planners and questions about how to avoid the
>>kind of out-of-control protests that plagued the recent WTO meeting.
>>"We sent people up to Seattle to make observations, and we're in the
>>process of debriefing them," Kalish said, noting his department regularly
>>studies how other police agencies handle large events.
>>Organizers led media through the Los Angeles Convention Center and
>>brand-new Staples Center, where bright light boards displayed tidbits of
>>information during organizers' speeches before the tour, such as
>>statistics on the city's minority populations. With an estimated 40,000
>>people expected to attend the convention, police will be fully staffed and
>>will be able to call on help from other law enforcement agencies if
>>needed, Kalish said.
>>The idea is to "facilitate peoples' First Amendment rights" without
>>allowing protests to turn into the window-smashing riots and tear-gas
>>confrontations with police that eclipsed the WTO talks last month.
>>Kalish said plans are under way for a separate demonstration area,
>>complete with a podium and microphone, that would keep protesters away
>>from convention delegates and nearby businesses. Police also will send
>>letters to activist groups about their plans and are collecting
>>intelligence on other groups who don't communicate with police, he said.
>>He did not identify the groups.
>>Former Colorado Gov. Roy Romer, chairman of the national convention
>>committee, played down reports that plans were behind schedule. "We did
>>begin later than conventions are normally done. Part of that was our own
>>planning to save money," he said.
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>>It's quite comforting to know that the LAPD will be informing by letter
>>those groups they intend to SPY on. I bet everyone can HARDLY WAIT to
>>receive their letter! And those sour puss, uncooperative, radicals who
>>don't respond to the friendly Police notice of infiltration will most
>>definitely be given "special treatment" by the State Security Forces (a
>>nice, secure, comfortable underground bunker will be reserved just for
>>Ah! Just think... a "separate demonstration area, complete with a podium
>>and microphone" provided to citizens by the Police Department! How
>>wonderful to live in a free country where Police determine where citizens
>>may exercise their right to assemble and speak! And how nice that the
>>Police are going that extra mile to make sure dissidents will be kept
>>"away from convention delegates and nearby businesses." I hope that the
>>electric fences, razor wire, and guard towers are painted a nice festive
>>color! Perhaps some of you would like to start making suggestions to the
>>Police on what designer colors should be used.
>>As the CLASH once sang;
>>"You have the right to free speech...
>>so long as you're not actually foolish enough to use it!"
>>Mark Vallen
>>mvallen at primenet.com
>>"Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape
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