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Mon Dec 6 09:23:39 MST 1999

>I agree that the above sums up anarchists' thoughts on the state.  Given
>this, though, one might say that anarchists took part in the anti-WTO
>protest _despite, not because of_ their professed philosophy. (clip)

In some ways the same thing can be said about Doug, who has never found a
kind word to say about Vandana Shiva and other bioregionalists in the
International Forum on Globalization, which by all accounts was the major
force behind the protests. He has also argued in the past against limits on
trade, wallpapering his arguments with Marxish verbiage in an entirely
ahistorical manner. I suspect that he made the trip out to Seattle partly
because he was stung by Alex Cockburn's rude remarks about his NY
stay-at-home ways.

Louis Proyect

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