L-I: About Jim Craven's report from Seattle

Russell Grinker grinker at SPAMmweb.co.za
Tue Dec 7 23:10:57 MST 1999

>I rarely contribute to L-I, but on reading your refreshing and
genuine communist response (below) to Jim Craven's report on Seattle, I had
no choice. What a world of difference from the 'Living-(dead) Marxism'
analysis which the bourgeois media liked so much here in London. If I ever
see a LM/RCP person on a demo (which never happens nowadays they only appear
on TV or Tory media) in London, it is only my Marxist training that will
stop me physically attacking any such person, if "person" is in fact the
applicable word to describe this breed of thing that is less than animal!

>in warm comradeship, Steve Myers.

Wow!  LM supporters as the untermensch!  I think its a case of hell hath no
fury like an old hack scorned.  And he's had "Marxist training" too.

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