The problem with moral indignation

Russell Grinker grinker at
Tue Dec 7 23:10:48 MST 1999

Strange how Patrick indicates (correctly) the way the ANC leadership talks
left to keep more radical elements on side (just the purpose served by the
old Trotskyist entrist in British Labour politics by the way):

>It's not tenuous. On the contrary, it's important because the
citation reflects the *opposite* of government policy ("talk left, act
right"). This itself serves a function, namely keeping the ANC-
Alliance big tent intact, during a tense period coming up to the
1999 election. That's way different than entryism. The passages I
cited were mainly drafted by Joel Netshitenzhe, sources tell me,
who is chief government spokesperson and one of Mbeki's closest

But then continues to betray illusions that this is after all something
more radical:

>But at issue here is analysis. The ANC leadership, borrowing
directly from Brenner's NLR May-June 1998 article (again, so I
gather from reliable sources), are/were ready to develop a marxish
line on the global economy and the state of the state. Your people simply

I believe the small left remnants which he represents have invested so much
in a crazy project of burrowing away to push the Alliance leftwards (without
anyone else
apparently knowing about it)  that they're reluctant to pack it in even when
it has so manifestly been a failure.


PS: Sorry I confused you with Joel Netshitenzhe - you Marxish types all look
the same to me.

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