Anti-WTO protests

Jonathan Flanders jon_flanders at
Tue Dec 7 07:19:14 MST 1999

>> But the actions, and the participation of the
demonstrators--whether unionists or others-had no redeeming
value whatever from the point of view of the interests of
working people. The protests, regardless of the views of
participants, gave social cover to and reinforced the American
nationalist framework promoted by Washington and the
billionaire families it serves. <<

Wow. So rather than being a confused and contradictory protest in response
the the depredations of capital around the world, this was a reactionary
demonstration leading people in the direction of fascism?

Logically then the police attacks were directed by pro-bourgeois democracy
elements of the ruling class against premature fascists, rather than
ruling-class repression against citizens interfering with the business of
capital accumulation.

Do you agree with this Phil?

Can't we make a distinction between the undoubted America-first ideology of
the nominal leaders and the sentiments and desires of the people who turned
out? Could any demonstration taking on the manifestations of capitalism in
the U.S not start out this way?

Were the early demonstrations against the Vietnam war reactionary because
they were led by people who saw the war as a greivous violation of the
finest traditions of U.S. democracy?

Jon Flanders

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