Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Tue Dec 7 13:30:16 MST 1999

>Yoshie quoting Doug:
>>4) I planned the trip to Seattle months ago. I reserved the hotel
>>room in September; would you like a copy of my correspondence with
>>Alesha Daughtrey of the Nader staff as proof?
>See what happens when you spend too much time reading people like Judith
>Butler? You lose your sense of humor.

Come revolution, I'm gonna have to put you guys in Orlando, Florida
(Columbus, Ohio is too mild a punishment).  You'll be forced to battle
Palmetto bugs, sinkholes, wild fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes (meanwhile
Michael Hoover and I will liberate your apartments and enjoy urban
living!).  There, in the midst of the cultural & environmental apocalypse,
you guys will labor cleaning up the ruins of theme parks and trailer parks
while reciting "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell" one hundred times per day:
"Without Contraries is no progression....Opposition is true Friendship."


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