Anarchism: More Popular than Marxism?

Jamal Hannah jah at
Wed Dec 8 22:16:33 MST 1999

On Wed, 8 Dec 1999 Borba100 at wrote:

> Personally, I think anarchism is bankrupt.  Personal posturing, (lots of
> bravado, masks, say no and make it so, that kind of childishness)
> theoretically ludicrous (no way of getting from here to anywhere) and in
> practice, as we saw in Seattle: plays right into police hands by acting out a
> caricature.  The WORST thing to do in Seattle was to break windows.  End
> private property, one pane at a time.  Right.

Well, youre just proving what I suspected.. that Marxists are just
reformists and not revolutionaries.  It was the attacks on corporate
property that made the Anti-WTO protests get on the news.
Why have just another boring protest where people just yell slogans?

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