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about information on the KLA-Heroin Connection. You can check the material
below from the TINAF archives at <>>

           The Internet Anti-Fascist: Saturday, 27 March 99
        FTP Supplement #108 (#241): Events in Former Yugoslavia
         Part 3: Background material to help anti-militarists

22) Anthony M. DeStefano (Wall Street Journal), "Giuliani and
    Kosovo-Albanian Drug Mafia in NYC ," 9 Sep 85
23) William Drozdiak (Washington Post), "Merchants of death and drugs;
    Porous borders, Balkan war bring epidemics of heroin smuggling,
    arms sales ," 14 Nov 93
24) Robert Block and Leonard Doyle (The Independent [London]), "Drug
    profits fund weapons for Balkans," 10 Dec 93
25) Barry James (The International Herald Tribune), "In Balkans, Arms
    For Drugs," 6 Jun 94
26) Frank Viviano (The San Francisco Chronicle), "Drugs Paying for
    Conflict in Europe: Separatists supporting themselves with traffic
    in narcotics ," 10 Jun 94
27) Defense & Foreign Affairs' Strategic Policy (no author), "Albanian
    Role in Drug Trade," 31 Aug 94
28) Tim Judah (The Times [of London]), "Albanian mafias target drug
    routes ," 18 Oct 94
29) Yigal Chazan (The Christian Science Monitor), "Albanian Mafias Find
    New Drug Routes Around Yugoslavia ," 20 Oct 94
30) Marko Milivojevic  (Jane's Intelligence Review), "The 'Balkan
    Medellin'," 1 Feb 95
31) CTK National News Wire (no author), "Two kilogrammes of pure heroin
    detained by Czech police," 5 Aug 95
32) Vladimir Alexe (Romania Libera), "Albanian Terrorists of KLA Pay
    [For] Weapon[s] In Heroin," 30 Jul 98


           The Internet Anti-Fascist: Sunday, 28 March 99
        FTP Supplement #109 (#242): Events in Former Yugoslavia
         Part 4: Background material to help anti-militarists

33) Srdja Trifkovic (Chronicles -- A Magazine of American Culture),
    ""Cultural Revolutions:" [Kosovo and the German Intelligence
    Apparat]," Dec 98
34) Tom Walker (The Globe and Mail [U.K.]), "Unrepentant KLA Dismisses
    Accusations: Kosovo rebels unlikely to co-operate with probe by
    Canadian war-crimes prosecutor," 9 Nov 98
35) Roberto Ruscica (Corriere della Sera [Milan]), "Albanian Mafia,
    This Is How It Helps The Kosovo Guerrilla Fighters," 15 October
36) C.B. (Corriere della Sera [Milan]), "Crimes Committed In Italy
    Provided Funds For Kosovo Guerrillas," 19 Jan 99
37) Brian Mitchell (Investor's Daily), "Yugoslavia's Bloody History,"
    12 Mar 99
38) BBC (no author), "Nine ethnic Albanians on trial in Macedonia ," 8
    Feb 99
39) Reuters (no author), "West Has Little Leverage Over Kosovo
    Guerrillas," 14 Feb 99
40) Turkish Daily News (no author), "Turkey calls for further rights
    for Kosovars," 25 Feb 99
41) National Conservative Weekly (no author), "Jane's Says Muslim
    Guerrillas Wage War of Terror Against Serbs: No Go On Kosovo," 5
    Mar 99
42) CTK/Prague (no author), "Albanian Drug Lord and confederates
    arrested," 11 Mar 99
43) Jeffrey Fleishman (Philadelphia Inquirer), "Italy battling a new
    wave of criminals -- Albanians: Refugees are cutting into the Mafia
    turf," 15 Mar 99

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