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Dear Lou:

I don't know how much of this local web you want to carry but I think you
will agree that these remarks about the coming Democratic Party Convention
are important.
This amorphous group is united now.  Will the unions,  the ADA participate
as well as the many other environmental groups that joined together in
Chicago?  No matter what the others do, there are a significant group of
protesters moving ahead.


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From: Leone Hankey <lsandrah at>
To: la-amn at <la-amn at>
Date: Thursday, December 09, 1999 5:25 AM
Subject: [LA-AMN] URGENT: Write Protest Letter to the L.A. Times

>The front page of yesterday's L.A. Times (Dec. 8, 1999) had the following
>article, entitled "Seattle's Chaos Shortens Career of Police Chief," which
>"Police Chief Norm Stamper said Tuesday that he will step down, a week
>after his outnumbered officers watched helplessly as mobs of World Trade
>Organizations protestors rampaged through downtown Seattle--leaving behind
>$19 million in damage and lost retail sales."
>We need to send a flood of letters right away into the Times at
>letters at that take on this complete rewriting and distortion
>of history and reality. It is vital to the corporate power structure,
>including the media, that they lie about what happened in Seattle in order
>to justify their repression and attempt to prevent the growth of a mass
>movement that challenges their $$$ uber alles system.
>Even the Seattle Times throughout the last week or so, Reuters the day
>before yesterday, and the NY Times yesterday do acknowledge that the
>problem was the violence of police, not demonstrators, and that only a
>small number of people committed property damage (By the way, note the way
>imagined "lost sales" of $17 million find their way into the damage caused
>by protestors!--I'm sure they feel the same way about Martin Luther King
>Day!). But the L.A. authorities are already gearing up tactically and
>ideologically against projected protests at the Democratic Convention this
>summer. I'm sure there are other important reasons as well. They don't
>want more expose of police brutality on the heels of the Rampart Division
>scandal. They want the public to fear protestors, instead of police.
>It was the police who injured protestors and bystanders--they shot them
>with hard rubber bullets, they clubbed them, they sprayed them close range
>with carcinogenic chemicals, they pepper sprayed helpless people in the
>eyes and ears in the streets and in the jail, male officers dragged naked
>women through the halls. We understand that social change does not come
>without sacrifice and risk, we are not telling these true stories in order
>to scare people, all of us have returned from Seattle invigorated and
>inspired by the ability of tens of thousands to unite and resist and to
>make history, it was beautiful, but it's also important for the truth to
>be known about the political/police abuse. So please bear witness today!!
>Protestors, legal observers, doctors, alternative media people, get your
>letters in!!!
From: Leone Hankey <lsandrah at>
To: la-amn at <la-amn at>
Date: Thursday, December 09, 1999 5:08 AM
Subject: [LA-AMN] Upcoming Protests/DNC Convention/Change-Links

>1) December 9 -- Stop Sweatshops!
>6pm, Candlelight Vigil at Walmart, Panorama City
>8333 Van Nuys Blvd, at Roscoe
>Most of Walmart's merchandise is produced in sweatshops around the world,
>while the Walton family is one of the richest in the U.S.A.
>Initiated by the Season of Conscience Coalition and the Mobilization for
>the Human Family, with support from many other organizations and trade
>unions, including So Cal Fair Trade Network. Please come, we hope to have
>at least 300 people. Anti-sweatshop Christmas carols, grinch hats, State
>Assemblyman Scott Wildman, and more....
>For more info, call Ceil 818-360-5206; Jim 323-651-4440; Pam 805-371-9318
>2) December 10 -- Observe International Human Rights Day!
>Oppose human rights abuses and militarization of the U.S.-Estrada regime
>in the Phillipines.
>Towards lasting peace, we urged the Government of the Republic of the
>Philippines (GRP) to resume peace talks with the National Democratic Front
>(NDF). We call on the US-backed Estrada regime to stop militarization and
>human rights violation in the Philippines!
>Come and join the picket in front the Philippine Consulate at 3600
>Wilshire Boulevard (cross street - Kingsley) 12:00pm to 1:00pm
>Organized by: BAYAN International-USA (part of the So Cal Fair Trade
>Network), with many co-sponsors
>3) December 13, 14, 15 -- Support Teamsters Overnite Strike!
>Times: 6am-4pm
>What: Support Overnite trucking workers who have been trying to organize.
>The Teamsters have called for a national action in support of the workers
>who are on an unfair labor practice strike.
>Where: We are assembling at the Bakers Union Hall 6801 E. Washington
>Blvd., City of Commerce at 6:00am each morning.
>Plan: We will conduct an ambulatory picket.  Once we assemble for a brief
>orientation, and divide into teams we will follow as many Overnite trucks
>as possible as they move through their routes.  Once the truck reaches its
>destination, we will put up a picketline which is then respected by the
>union members at each site.
>The LA County Federation of Labor mobilization coordinator has asked us to
>support this action.Please let me know if you can participate: 323-931-3669
>4) I have received a message from a coordinator of the People's Global
>Action Caravan in Pennsylvania that dozens of organizations have already
>formed a coalition around demonstrating at the Republican National
>Convention in Philadelphia, listserves have been created, and they want to
>coordinate with protests at the Dem Convention here in L.A. To contact
>this coalition, email:
>Philly2000-subscribe at
>for action alerts only
>July3-subscribe at
>for discussion, strategy, theorizing, etc.
>5) Write about Seattle for Change-Links
>Change Links would like one or more articles on WTO for our January issue.
>We would like some the basic issues addressed and the actions and
>repressions that took place.  With the general idea of the success of
>movement and coalition building that took place there and what that might
>mean for Los Angeles.
>Included could be some individual first person accounts of the demos and
>arrests of maybe 400 words. Altogether 2500 words or so. Deadline around
>the 18th of December.
>John Johnson
>Change-Links Progressive Newspaper
>change at  and change-links at
>(818) 982-1412

Louis Proyect

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