Jamal Hannah jah at
Fri Dec 10 23:40:47 MST 1999

On Fri, 10 Dec 1999, Charles Brown wrote:

> Charles: Yes, Marxist-Leninists should be open to criticism, and especially based on
>recent utter failure. But that doesn't mean every criticism is valid. Especially,
>when it comes from those with ideologies who seem to have had utter failures for not
>only the recent but the distant past. Where are those anarchist successes again ?
>Rather slim aren't they ?

Anarchism is responsible for the 8-hour day, the respect for liberty (we
keep the ideas alive, and the hope for freedom for mankind), and many,
many qualitative improvements in workers lives.  Anarchism has also been
there to criticize the Marxists and remind them that force is not the only
virtue in being a revolutionary.

Anarchists have had a lot of successes.   Even when Marxists-Leninists
were "Winning", they were losing too, because they caused so much

Ask the Russian people.. they dont want Lenin back. The Chinese dont want
Mao back.  They might like communism, but they want freedom too.
It has to be fundimentaly different the next time around, if there ever is
one.  I'ce spoken to a local woman who's been with the Communist Party for
decades and even she admits this is true.

 - Jamal

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