Anarchism vs. Marxism-Leninism

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Thu Dec 9 13:11:53 MST 1999

>>> Jamal Hannah <jah at> 12/09/99 02:42PM >>
I think mistaking Criticism for "redbaiting" is what keeps
marxist-leninists from corrective grave mistakes they have made.


Charles: You are confusing "criticism" with slander. Plus, so far, you haven't shown
any reason to pay much attention to what you think or say about Marxist-Leninists.
You are just trying to provoke.


If anarchists never accomplished "hardly anything", why did Communists
try to take over the Haymarket Martyr and Sacco & Vanzetti defense
campaigns?  Those people were anarchists, you know.


Charles: Uh , don't forget the brief anarchist "government " in Spain. But overall
what anarchists have  accomplished , including the above, wasn't much compared to the
Russian Revolution and the large number of socialist and national liberation
revolutions that followed and depended on Soviet support. So, relative to what
Marxist-Leninists have accomplished , anarchists have accomplished hardly anything. In
other words, since your assessment of Lenin, Trotsky and the Russian , Chinese and
other Marxist-Leninist led and supported revolutions is way off, you don't realize
that Marxist-Leninists have accomplished more than anarchists.

Anyway, the worse part is that you know we have all heard those types of analyses
before, but you are so phony, you say it in a way as if you think we haven't heard it
before. So, obviously your purpose is to provoke. But that is immature, because , the
way you do it ,anybody here can see that you are trying to provoke. So, you are like a
child who doesn't realize that what he is doing is obvious.


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