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Thank you, David, for the URL. In fact, the new Argentinian
government has started as one might have supposed, by informing
everybody here that there would be massive budget cuts and, as a
consequence, massive unemployment in the Inland provinces. As a
part of all this reactionary thrust of the so-called "mild
progressive" government, the Ministry of Education has been
handed to Juan Llach, a man of a characteristically twisted
political history.

He was a Catholic liberal up to the early 70s, when he taught at
the Universidad Catolica Argentina (by those times, as today,
the cradle for the most conservative and reactionary lines of
thought, in fact the creation of this and other private
Universities in the late 50s aimed at destroying the lay, mostly
popular and democratic State universities, and was the result of
a defeat in a popular struggle).  After that, he suddenly became
a fervent "Peronista" (in the worst, petty bourgeois, that is
"revolutionary anti-Marxist" -anarchist in more senses than one,
now that I look on it from the point of view of the debate that
is running on this list-, Montonero brand). This lasted for some
years, until at the early 80s he became a neoliberal Catholic.
He proposes the system of vouchers for the whole Argentinian
education. There will be a batte ahead, so that please whoever
can add information on this, please help us.

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