Anarchism vs. Marxism-Leninism

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Thu Dec 9 12:10:10 MST 1999

>>> Jamal Hannah <jah at> 12/09/99 01:03PM
Good god.. are you insane?  Are you aware of the mass-murder and human
suffering of working-class people and ardent revolutionaries that Trotsky
and Lenin were responsible for?  At Kronstat they murdered members of
their own Communist Party who disagreed with them, and many soldiers
were switching sides.. no, not to the white army, but to the side
of the Kronstat rebels. And then there was the Ukraine, where Lenin showed
his trechery against Makhno, who helped the Bolsheviks fight the whites.
How can you support a man (Lenin) who said such things as "Socialism is
nothing more than state-capitalism."  The Russian revolution was a real
revolution, at first.. but it was destroyed by Communist Party.
The USSR was a horrible place to live.  Human will was crushed.
You dont need to read capitalist propaganda to know this, but the
testimonies of real people who were there, in Russia, while it was all
happening.  A persons zeal to fight capitalism must not justify any act of
terror.  The people would have been better off if the Bolsheviks never
came to power in Russia and China and they had become social democracies.


Charles: From the above, one can conclude that we on this list know more about Lenin
and Trotsky than you do.  The above is petit bourgeois redbaiting. You do it gleefully
and boldly seemingly knowing that you are confronting people. It is sort of name
calling that you are doing. So, lets call your statement a name: false.

Anarchist crimes of omission ( i.e. they haven't accomplished hardly anything) are far
worse than Communist crimes of commission.


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