Ceding ground to capitalist ideologues

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky gorojovsky at SPAMinea.com.ar
Wed Dec 15 17:30:49 MST 1999

Publicly, but also personal for my dear and respected Mark,

Yoshie said:

October didn't
:happen before it did.  Trying to force October into existence
before the
:time was ripe for it would have been stupidly self-destructive.

Yoshie is right here. We are in a moment of construction. Of
course we must close our gates to dangerous people (dangerous
people are the ones whose interventions don't allow us debate and
grow), but I agree with her in that

We may be facing an October tomorrow, who knows. But we are not
in the midst of one as yet, and we need to strengthen ourselves,
IMHO, by calling up to our ranks as many people as we can. I
understand that everyone's liver is better attuned to the bores
in each one's own world, and probably I am as brutal with sepoy
Argentinian leftists as Mark is with the guys he hates in the
English-speaking scenario (I have waved them a fast good bye in
L-I myself, and we seem to have been sanitized against them for
the time being), something many on these lists would find hard to
understand. But excepted the most idiotic brand of this kind, I
am quite lenient towards many differnet points which I would find
quite suspect, in many people on the lists (as many others do
with mine, of course). This is the spirit I suppose we should
espouse. Bravado is not always undesirable (remember L.D.Trotsky
in Kazan, Mark?) but this is not a time for bravados.


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