Ceding ground to capitalist ideologues

M A Jones mark at SPAMjones118.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Dec 16 00:22:55 MST 1999

Néstor wrote:

> Publicly, but also personal for my dear and respected Mark,
> Yoshie said:
> :
> October didn't
> :happen before it did.  Trying to force October into existence
> before the
> :time was ripe for it would have been stupidly self-destructive.

I didn't see Yoshie's email unfortunately, maybe someone can forward it to me.

Why am I rebarbative? Exactly because trying to force October into existence
(which is PRECISELY what Lenin tried to do with every breath he took during his
whole career, so it is his example I'd like to follow, not yours or Yoshie's) is
JUST what we SHOULD INDEED be doing. Otherwise October itself will never happen
and WOULD NEVER have happened...

What do you think the April Theses was about?
Why did the Nestor's and "Hoovs" and Yoshie's assembled in the Kshesinskaya palace
in the spring of 1917, to hear Lenin's words on his triumphant return from exile,
conclude that the great man was, as Kollontai said, 'raving mad'?

Because while they/you were all warbling and wittering in the hedgerows
about social insurance reforms and the latest 'peace'
ploy from Paris, and the latest negotiations with the Duma,
Lenin announced the impossible, mad dream of World Revolution and
the instantaneous transition to socialism... forgotten our history, have we, at
the turn of this bloody century? Deliberate amnesia, my dear Nestor, my dear
Yoshie, is what you've got, because I am making you feel uncomfortable and the
very idea of revolution makes makes you feel uncomfortable, even my use of the
word 'revolution' makes you squirm uneasily on your bottoms and glance over your
shoulder to see whether anyone is laughing....

I am going to show you why revolutions not only can happen in the metropoles but
WILL  happen in the metropoles and I promise to do it before "Hoov's" next coffee
table book about cinema comes out.

Take up the pen, take up the gun, make revolution. Let the academic scribblers
chatter and the freudians analyse their assholes and the identity freaks work out
whether they have one. And leave we revolutionaries in peace, stop carping and
sniding from your miserable sidelines, and let us get on with the revolution.

THAT'S why I am rebarbative.


> Yoshie is right here. We are in a moment of construction. Of
> course we must close our gates to dangerous people (dangerous
> people are the ones whose interventions don't allow us debate and
> grow), but I agree with her in that
> We may be facing an October tomorrow, who knows. But we are not
> in the midst of one as yet, and we need to strengthen ourselves,
> IMHO, by calling up to our ranks as many people as we can. I
> understand that everyone's liver is better attuned to the bores
> in each one's own world, and probably I am as brutal with sepoy
> Argentinian leftists as Mark is with the guys he hates in the
> English-speaking scenario (I have waved them a fast good bye in
> L-I myself, and we seem to have been sanitized against them for
> the time being), something many on these lists would find hard to
> understand. But excepted the most idiotic brand of this kind, I
> am quite lenient towards many differnet points which I would find
> quite suspect, in many people on the lists (as many others do
> with mine, of course). This is the spirit I suppose we should
> espouse. Bravado is not always undesirable (remember L.D.Trotsky
> in Kazan, Mark?) but this is not a time for bravados.
> Nestor

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