Jack Foner

Michael Yates mikey+ at SPAMpitt.edu
Thu Dec 16 11:25:38 MST 1999

The old lefties are dying fast.  We should remember them.  The Foners:
what an amazing family!  I would have been very proud to be a member.
Thanks for the post, Louis.

BTW, it was noted here recently that another old leftie, economist Vic
Perlo, has died.  There has been discussion on the subject of
productivity on various lists.  I recommend Perlo's masterful article
debunking productivity measures in an article in Science & Society many
years ago.  I'll try to find the cite if anyone is interested.  It shows
clearly that the measure of overall productivity is pretty much devoid
of meaning.

Michael Yates

Louis Proyect wrote:
> [Jack Foner died yesterday. This is a storied CP family, which includes his

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