Mengistu considers "returning to South Africa in the future"

Patrick Bond pbond at
Thu Dec 16 21:31:19 MST 1999

On 16 Dec 99, at 19:58, Russell Grinker wrote:
> Support a call for the great powers to do the job for us?  I don't think so.

We make lots of "calls" on the great powers. Get out of Kosovo.
Cancel the debt. They can "do the job" in this case because they
control the organised national systems of justice and of violence.

> Organise solidarity with Chilean mass-based structures yes - but it wasn't
> about that was it?

On the contrary, for some of us that was the main thing. If the
Chilean left had said unequivocally that the hypocritic Brit and
Spanish governments should not detain Pinochet, would there have
been such pressure on Straw?

What do Latin American comrades like Nestor think about the
Chilean left's position here?

> >And really, comrade, the Mbeki government is not one to endorse
> >when it comes to international political allies, for with the exception
> >of Castro perhaps, this is a sordid lot.
> Agreeing in the qualified way I did and explaining the reasons why they
> probably did this, hardly amounts to an endorsement.  But I suppose all is
> fair in the e-wars.

Ok ok, my apologies.

> ... But then the principle has been put in place to allow the
> kidnapping of Ocalan.  Now even Castro - a hea dof state - can't safely
> travel to Seattle.  Smell the coffee Patrick.

Not true, that hypothetical would have been an "act of war," as the
Cuban government said, and realpolitik -- precisely because of the
support Castro has internationally (including SA) -- simply wouldn't
have allowed it. The demos at the US embassy in Pretoria,
amongst other sites, would just not have ended.

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