Ceding ground to capitalist ideologues

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> >I don't know. I certainly wouldn't write something like this myself, but
> >do find it effective [snip wonderful Yoshie-exegesis of Henwood's
>mental state]
>So do I find it effective.
>Yoshie is wonderful, no doubt about it. Dougie must feel he has
>chillied ants in his pants when he reads it. It's wonderfully destructive.
>take my hat off to her. But at root all she does is appeal to his better
>(where is it? We do not hypothesize a superego any more: is it in his
>hypothalamus? Pineal gland? Karmic big toe? God knows). This is really no
>than resorting to suasion but as Marx said, 'He whom you seek to persuade,
>you acknowledge master of the situation'.
>The point is not to do pop freud about henwood craving acceptance. It's
>the fact that political enemies MUST be BROKEN; and you can't wage these
>inside people's dreams, you have to do it in reality. We have to destroy
>enemies, and a cursory examination of the political history of revolutions
>you that the first and cruellest enemies that have to be extirpated are the
>friends of the revolution, people like Doug Henwood. And at the end of the
>day who really gives a flying fuck about his mental state? The revolution
>trample him anyway. Or find ways to make use of him (he's pliable, that's
>Let him find another couch to lie on.

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