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"John M. Novak" <deuce42 at uswest.net> said:

> From: "John M. Novak" <deuce42 at uswest.net>
> [Sent earlier today]
> To the honorable members of the Seattle City Council and Amnesty
> International,
> I am writing this letter because I have as yet not heard this
information in
> either the mainstream news coverage, or in the two city council
> This needs your attention because it plays a significant part in any
> investigation of alleged misconduct of city officials and police
force in
> Seattle during the WTO protests. This is not an attempt to undermine
> integrity of any office or persons. I am attempting to give you what
my own
> internet research has uncovered in areas that merit your attention.
> On December 2, 1999, 7:21 p.m. EST (0021 GMT), CNN published the
> article found at:
> http://www.cnn.com/1999/US/12/02/wto.05/index.html
> ----------------------------------
> Troops sent to Seattle as part of terrorism contingency plan
> SEATTLE (CNN) -- In addition to hundreds of very visible Army
National Guard
> troops called-up because of the civil disturbances in Seattle, more
than 160
> active duty military personnel, including a small number of Special
> troops, were sent to Seattle by the Defense Department for the
meeting of
> the World Trade Organization.
> The military mission, according to the Pentagon, is to "provide
support" to
> the FBI, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), U.S. Secret
Service and
> other government agencies responsible for security there. The military
> specialists are in place largely to provide expertise and assist in
> coordinating a federal response in the event of a terrorist attack
> such a high-profile event.
> According to Defense Department documents obtained by CNN, 131 U.S.
Army, 27
> U.S. Air Force, and eight U.S. Navy personnel were sent to Seattle to
> perform roles from ordnance disposal to standing by for possible
chemical or
> biological attack by terrorist groups.
> Four special forces troops from the Joint Special Operations Task
Force were
> deployed to Seattle to be on hand to advise FBI "crisis support"
agents in
> the event of a catastrophic terrorist event involving chemical or
> weapons or hostage taking. Two of the four special operations experts
> since left the city, according to an informed Pentagon official who
spoke on
> the condition that he not be named.
> Fifty-five military Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams, along
with 25
> explosive-detecting dogs and their handlers, were sent. The soldiers
> "operating in civilian attire -- keeping a low presence," the Defense
> Department documents say.
> Troops there are from various military fiefdoms including the U.S.
> Operations Command, the U.S. Forces Command, the U.S. Army
> Biological-Chemical Command, the U.S. Air Force Security Forces
Command and
> the U.S. Joint Forces Command.
> Eight divers, making up two Navy dive teams, were sent to provide
support to
> the Secret Service for President Clinton's visit, which ended
Thursday. The
> action is not unusual for presidential security.
> The Department of Health and Human Services and FEMA have set up
a "staging
> area" for their operations at the U.S. Naval Reserve Center-Lake
Union in
> Seattle. Eight military personnel are assigned to that site. The HHS-
> site is pre-positioned to respond to major health catastrophes such
as a
> biological agent attack, according to a well-informed source.
> The "Domestic Military Support," or "DOMS" as it is known at the
> is provided through the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the
Office of
> the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the request of other
> agencies.
> -------------------------------
> Questions that must be answered because of this are:
> Who really was in command of all police and military personnel once
the city
> went into a state of "Civil Emergency"?
> Which, if any, of these military personnel and their
> were actively involved in situations dealing with American Citizens?
> What specific role did these military personnel and their
> equipment/munitions have in situations dealing with American Citizens?
> It also raises the very serious question as to why police were
allowed to
> roam the streets with authority to use deadly force if necessary
> proper identification?
> Were some of these unidentifiable police in actuality military
personnel and
> is this the reason they refused to give proper identification when
> Another article of importance comes from the official USAF website's
> section. The article was written by Army Master Sgt. Bob Haskell and
> published on December 3rd, 1999.
> http://www.af.mil/news/Dec1999/n19991203_992177.html
> This article states:
> "Sixty-six Air National Guard airmen were among some 425 Guardsmen
called to
> state active duty to help local police restore order in downtown
> Additionally, six members of the Wyoming Air National Guard lent a
hand by
> flying 3,300 pounds of civilian riot control munitions from Casper,
Wyo., to
> Seattle."
> Questions that immediately come to mind on this are:
> Exactly what role were the sixty-six airmen here to fill?
> In light of allegations of various "strange symptoms" not normally
> associated with the effects of tear gas on
> people and the possible harm to the environment, a disclosure of the
> contents of the 3,300 pounds of civilian control munitions from
> Wyo., to Seattle is indeed in order.
> I hope this information helps in the serious investigation of this
> affair and the implementation of proper protocol in future similar
> situations.
> Respectfully,
> John Novak (registered voter)
> Seattle, WA
> deuce42 at uswest.net
> http://www.geocities.com/deuce42b/wto/
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