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What about the students, huh? A couple of Marxist professors help things along, but I
think the organisation of students into Marxist politics is pretty key. Perhaps
Marxism will live on at QUT long after you go!


PS: I think Gary is spot on regarding PhDs - it may be a neccessity to get a
particular job or whatever, but it is far from the suggested or necessary course for
most Marxist revolutionaries.

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Thank you Michael and all those who congratulated me publicly.  My PhD was
on Left wing documentary film in Australia, with an overlay of Bhaskarian
theory (or was that theology?).

The thesis was variously described by the examiners as 'polemical' and
'laborious'.  Still they all passed it without changes.

As to why do a PhD, I simply had to do it for my job.  I would recommend no
one to undertake such a punishing and primitive initiation rite unless they
had to.

the wider question about Marxists in the academy would need a full
discussion.   I though tend to think that we are a dying breed, an
endangered species that has run out of habitat. I am 57 now and when I
retire from QUT in a few years time, that will be that as far as Marxism is
in this university.  Apres moi a whole crowd of bright young reactionaries.



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>Hi Gary:
>Congrats on degree!  As I've indicated to Lou P., there really aren't
>many marxists teaching in colleges/unis.  Group of blowhard
>conservatives here in the states called Accuracy in Academia claims
>10,000 which I'm sure is - unfortunately - exaggerated.  But even
>if accurate, figure represents 1% of the nearly 1 million higher ed
>instructors.  I've also told Lou that I never intro myself as a
>professor, I teach at a community college that constantly reminds
>me I ain't one.
>I second what Jim Farmelant posted in response to jerk who would
>apparently write KM out of worker movement because he had a grad
>degree.  So way to go!
>Michael Hoover

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